Lilac blooms

Today our classroom was filled with Lilacs. We have been watching the lilac bud and open over the past three weeks. Today, we discussed the shades of purple and pink in the blooms. We discussed the x shape in the petals and the oval pointy shape in the leaves. Each child was given a painting palette and asked to make purple and create different shades of purple. We have learned this year that red and blue make purple. We know if we add white to colour it gets lighter and black makes the colour darker. The students were also shown a new brush stroke. We enlarged a petal with the document camera and looked closely at the shape. We learned how to do an x shape and how to combine xs together to form a come shape. Here is a glimpse of our painting process today.


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This year we have worked with the students to inquiry, notice, question and wonder. During our morning circle, I was sitting with the junior kindergarten students, and I was amazed at their unprompted comments. They openly shared how they were feeling and why. What amazed me was the way they commented on nature and what they had noticed and how it made them feel. Our focus on signs of spring opened the students’ eyes to their own surroundings. I’ve attached a pic collage of some of their comments. Thank you to the parents who have embraced this noticing stance and help their child look closely at their environment and question what they see. One of our students brought in Tiger Lily bulbs and compared the shape, size and growth of the bulbs to the tulips and daffodil bulbs we looked closely at last week. Together, we have created students who are aware of their surroundings, question and think about what they see. Thank you for your partnership in inquiry. We hope our students continue to grow and question and notice the world around them.


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Torn Paper Art

Today we looked closely at some pansies. We discussed the shape and the colours of th petals. We discussed the technique of torn paper art. The students used their fingers to create observational torn paper pictures.  The results were incredible for their first time using this technique. We have a classroom of artists.


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30 x 30 Nature Challenge

Our class is participating in David Suzuki  Nature Challenge. We go out doors for an Additional 30 minutes to enjoy nature. Today we had physical education class outdoors. We skipped and enjoyed the warm weather. Yesterday we walked to an area of the pond and looked closely. We were surprised to see fish spawning! This outdoor challenge has enabled us to see the signs of spring with more depth than our weekly walks. The students are noticing more and comparing  signs of spring each day.


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This morning we had a staff member from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority visit our school. She did a session wit our kindergarten class. We learned about the importance of keeping our rivers, ponds and lakes clean. We are learning how to become A Watershed Hero. A booklet will be going home for your child to keep.  You might want to talk to your child about ways they can help our lakes stay clean.


We looks at a small model of a community and talked about how pollution gets into our lake.

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Jump Rope for Heart

The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time during our Jump Rope for Heart event. We skipped independently, we learned how to play helicopter, we played jumpsies and older students turned ropes for us as we learned to skip. There is still time to donate! Online donations can be made by searching for our school name.


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Sharks, scuba diving, fish and the environment

We have continued learning about sharks, the ocean, scuba diving and protecting the environment. We read both fiction and non fiction books about sharks, oceans and fish. We read texts about plastic bags ending up in the oceans and harming creatures. We talked a lot about Earth Day and how our actions can make the world a better place. The students also drew pictures, made notes on the SMARTBoard and talked about their new learning. The students each took in information that was of interest to them. Some students were fascinated in shark facts, others interested in scuba diving, and some were fascinated by the impact of garbage in the oceans and our ponds. There was truly a little bit for everyone in this mini inquiry. image

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A new mini inquiry has launched!

A new caretaker has started at our school and he sent a video to our class. The video shows him scuba diving in the ocean with fish and sharks. The students had a lot of questions. We have recorded their thinking and we are now gathering books, clips and information on fish, scuba diving and sharks. This mini inquiry is a good way to get to know our new caretaker as well as learn how to use information to answer our questions. If you are a scuba diver we would love to hear from you!

Here is a sample of some of our questions:

Why are bubbles come up?

Why do sharks have lines on their faces?

What do fish eat?

How can the people stand under water?

How do sharks swim?

Why do sharks swim in circles?

Do sharks have teeth?

Why can’t they just wear masks? Why do they have special equipment?

Do all swimming things need flippers?

We have a lot of wonderings to explore.

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Rabbit Fun!

Today the student out their sewing skills to use and created rabbits.


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Canada in my Pocket

In class we are singing along with Michael Mitchell as he sings his song titled, Canada in my Pocket.


You can help at home by naming coins, sorting coins and singing this song with your child.

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