Lilac blooms

Today our classroom was filled with Lilacs. We have been watching the lilac bud and open over the past three weeks. Today, we discussed the shades of purple and pink in the blooms. We discussed the x shape in the petals and the oval pointy shape in the leaves. Each child was given a painting palette and asked to make purple and create different shades of purple. We have learned this year that red and blue make purple. We know if we add white to colour it gets lighter and black makes the colour darker. The students were also shown a new brush stroke. We enlarged a petal with the document camera and looked closely at the shape. We learned how to do an x shape and how to combine xs together to form a come shape. Here is a glimpse of our painting process today.



About mrsharrisonlsps

I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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