Fun Summer Ideas

One week has already passed by! I hope everyone is feeling refreshed. I have prepared a list of ideas and supporting links for families. If you are are need of something to do with your child, here are some low key simple ideas that will continue to extend and support learning throughout the summer months.

Summer learning ideas:

1. Summer Playdough fun
Our students loved making a fresh batch of playdough every week. They used a variety of materials for creating and were highly engaged in this task. It is a fabulous activity to build strength in children’s hands.

2. Sidewalk chalk
Children can use sidewalk chalk to write common sight words such as: and, the, come, it, that, she, he, said, went, here and to. They can practice printing both their first and last names using the proper capitalization on the first letter and then lower case letters for the rest of the letters.
Sidewalk chalk recipes
To add some extra fun make some frozen sidewalk chalk together.

3. Public Library –Check out Georgina’s Public Library for their activities that
run all summer long. Look at their online eResources that can be accessed at home. There are Science resources, Leveled ebooks, online stories and more.

3. Visit a local forest. Continue our Looking Closely journey and walk on a regular basis through a local forest. Explore different forests in our community. Compare and contrast those areas.!ut/p/a1/jZDdDoIwDEafCFamjt1O_BmgwUQTcTdmmjGJyMgkEn16p4mXir1rctqefkigHIla3kot29LUsnr1guxjNo85TyHJhjQCBhlLcEhhugEH7BwAX4pB33zyxwFsl9FSI9HI9uSVdWFQfjf2bJV-SxbGqmuLtki8d2E8JDyIIAGeUYhn4Wo0oTwAgnuA9AP8-Mbp6socXDLbsYsqTCdEvxRZfRhQp2hVoayy_sk4o7zrOl8boyvlHyVqLvljUaxjT8z0EwewD30!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/#.U7q9p-jGXgc

4. Take regular walks at our pond near our school. What changes are occurring
during the summer months? What do you notice about the birds, the water,
the plants? Take some paper and sketch what you see.

5. Art ideas: Pinterest is filled with many incredible art ideas for young learners.
This particular site has many appropriate art ideas for Kindergarten students.

6. Math ideas: Continue to count objects as you encounter them. Give building
challenges as can you build a Lego vehicle using 25 blocks? Time how
long it takes to build a sand castle. Discuss time on the clock throughout the day. Review coin names. Play estimation games.

Play Games
How much is in my hand game? Each player gets a handful of coins. Open up your hand and discuss how has more coins? Discuss the coin names. When the students are able, discuss the value and add up the coins in each hand.
High and Low- take a deck of cards and take out all of the face cards (Jack, Queen, King, Aces, Jokers) Divide the remainder of the deck between the players. Take turns flipping over the cards and determining who has the highest number. The one with the highest number takes the cards played. continue until all cards are played.
Roll and Add– Take two dice and roll them. Add them together. Record on paper or a whiteboard.
Make Ten-roll two dice and try to make the dice add up to ten. Keep rolling until you have two numbers that total ten. Score a point for each time a player adds to ten. How quickly can a player get ten points?

Estimate This! Fill up containers with a variety of objects and have family members guess how much is inside. Then tip out the container and count the objects. Keep a tally of which family member can estimate the best.

Online site:
Five frames and ten frames tasks

Math Apps
Tens Frames by Matthew Thomas
Number Frames, by the Math Learning Company
Tens Frame Snap by BHAD Games
Counting Board by Every Quiz

Traditional board games
Snakes and Ladders

Creating and Designing

One activity the students loved and thrived with was creating things. Set down an empty box and walk away. Watch what they can create out of a box. There are lots of empty boxes at our local grocery stores. Provide a few boxes and watch as your child problem solves, plans, tests and redesigns their new object.

Water Trays
Fill up a bin with water. Provide different objects for the students to manipulate such as eye droppers, turkey basters and tongs. Place objects such as shells, rocks or plastic toys in the bin and watch the students use their fine motor muscles to move the objects. Or provide different size containers and a variety of sized cups. Watch as they explore capacity. Provide prompts such as “How many red cups will it take to fill the blue container?” Observe and discuss their understanding of capacity. There are many water play ideas on Pinterest

And of course, read with and to your child throughout the summer months. Make reading a natural part of each day. For those students who have been involved in guided reading sessions it is important they continue to do some reading over the summer months. Here is a website with 250 free eBooks of varying levels.

Have fun exploring some of these ideas. Please comment if your family has tried one of the activities. Provide your review and encourage others to do one of the ideas.


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I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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