Our discovery at the pond

We walked to the pond and looked closely for signs of spring. Look what we discovered!



In class we recorded some of our wonderings.
I wonder if a Beaver ate the trees.

I wonder if a squirrel ate the tree.

I wonder if an elephant ate the tree.

I wonder if turtles ate it.

I wonder if the bark is old and fell off the tree.

I wonder if it’s old. (the bottom of the tree)

I think a reindeer was there and with their antlers scratched it off.

I think a bear ate it.

Maybe a giraffe.

Maybe a woodpecker.

Maybe a doggie.

I wonder if the bark is very, very old and the bark broke off the tree.

I wonder if it is a muskrat that ate the tree.

I wonder why the marks on the tree are small.

I wonder why some of the ice was melted and some wasn’t.

Will we have oxygen if the trees are gone?

This week we will be reading and view clipping about beavers, muskrats and other creatures. If the weather permits, we will walk over to the pond and take another look. Another learning journey begins…


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I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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One Response to Our discovery at the pond

  1. Ingrid Smith says:

    Dear Mrs. Harrison’s class,

    We are Ms. Smith and Ms. Neu’s class. We are grade ones at Wismer Public School. WE saw these pictures on your blog. We have an idea about the tree bark.
    We think rabbits ate the bark. When it’s Winter they can’t find any of their normal food so they could die. When it rains and snows the bark gets softer and the rabbits’ teeth won’t come out when they eat it. They only eat the bark at the bottom because they are so short. We saw the same thing at Downsview Park on our field trip. We will send you a picture later if we can. We saw a tree on the ground and it had absolutely no bark. They could eat all the bark on that one because it’s on the ground so it’s lower.
    Lia also thinks rain might have dribbled down the tree and soaked the bark at the bottom and then it came off.

    From Brianna, Lia, James, Neepa, Manoush, Sarina T and Ms. Smith

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