Inquiry led to stencil and stamp discoveries

The students had asked how the Olympic rings were placed on the ice and I posted their experiments in an earlier post. This led to a discussion on stencil use and how paint and stencils may have been used to create the rings on or under the ice. The students explored different stencils and stamps and created some interesting art work on the Thursday before the March Break. Today along with our discussions on Saint Patrick’s Day the students used potatoes stamps to creat some artwork.


We will debrief and talk about the various uses of stamps and stencils in our daily lives. At home you might want to point out items in which a stencil was used or you could create your own stampers.


About mrsharrisonlsps

I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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