Frozen Bubble Experiments

Over the past month we have been investigating bubble solution. Here is a write up of the students experiments and their findings.

Rationale: We need more outdoor activities to do in the snow. Students were asking for more items.

Question discussed :
Why don’t we use bubbles outside in the winter?

Question asked:
What do you think would happen if we blew bubbles outdoors?


Will they float?

Will they sit on the snow?

Will the bubbles freeze?

The bubbles will float away.

The bubbles will sink.

The bubbles won’t work outside in winter.

We worked in small groups and we bundled up and went outdoors with individual bubble wands and solution.

Investigation #1
We went out on a “Snow day” in January and it was a day with a wind chill of -35.

The bubble liquid froze in our cups.
The bubble liquid froze on the wands.
It was hard to blow bubbles in the wind.
It was too cold to stay outside to blow bubbles.
The few bubbles that were made floated away.
Tiny bubbles froze in the plastic bin.
It was too cold to make frozen bubbles.

It was too cold and too windy to make frozen bubbles.
Photo 1-7-2014, 11 10 16 AM
Investigation #2

We blew bubbles into a plastic container and place the container in the freezer.


Most of the bubbles popped.
Tiny bubbles froze in the corners of the container.
Bubble solution in the bottom of container froze and looked like a skating rink.

Freezing bubbles in a freezer is hard because the bubbles break when we moved the container. The bubbles popped in the freezer.

Investigation #3

We went out during an outdoor recess and blew bubbles. It was a day in January and the temperature was 0C. There was a bit of wind in the air.


The bubbles floated away.
The bubbles did not freeze.
When we leaned over we spilt all of the bubble solution in our containers.
The wind broke our bubbles.

It was too warm and too windy to make frozen bubbles.

Photo 1-9-2014, 1 39 41 PM

Investigation #4

We went out during a colder recess with green coloured bubble liquid. It was a day in January and it was around -10C.

The snow turned green.
Bubbles floated away.
Bubbles popped.
Our wands began to freeze a little bit.
If we lean over the bubbles solution falls out.

Not cold enough or it was too windy to make frozen bubbles.
Do not lean over when you are holding bubble solution in your hands. Only lean over if it is closed.

Investigation #5
On another wind chill day of -23C in January we tried the experiment again. It was a sunny day and there was no wind.

The bubbles froze.
The bubbles froze on the wands.
The bubbles froze when they touched the snow.
Some bubbles bounced on the snow.
Some bubbles floated away.
We made perfectly round bubbles.
They were spheres.
The bubbles cracked.
The bubbles were ice.
We could squish the frozen bubbles.
Two bubbles froze together on my wand.

It was just right! We did it! We needed it to be not too cold or not too windy. We needed to keep trying.

Photo 1-23-2014, 1 47 59 PM

Investigation #6
We tried the experiment again on a day in January with the wind chill of
-20C. There was no wind and it was sunny.

We made a lot of frozen bubbles.
The bubbles froze on the snow.
The bubbles bounced.
The bubbles floated away.
The bubbles froze and were still frozen when we went home.
The frozen bubbles broke when we picked them up.

It has to be very cold but not windy and then we can make frozen bubbles.

Photo 1-21-2014, 11 34 01 AM (1)

Photo 1-21-2014, 11 49 18 AM


We learned scientists keep trying and keep experimenting. It is okay if it does not work the first time. Think and try it again another time.

We learned that wind breaks bubbles.

We learned that bubbles can freeze.

We learned there is water in bubble solution. We know water freezes outside in the winter.

Have you tried blowing bubbles in the winter time? What helps make a good frozen bubble?


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I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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