Our Pond then and now

We have been looking closely during our walks to our local pond. We took some photos in October and then again in early November. It is time to go again and take some photos of the snow by our pond. Here is a movie/book that we made that compares the changes from early Fall to late Fall. Two of our junior kindergarten students helped create the words to go along with our story. What do you notice about the changes? What do you predict we will see during our next walk?


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I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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One Response to Our Pond then and now

  1. Dear Mrs. Harrison’s class,

    We loved reading your book and watching your movie. We have some predictions for you when you go on your next walk to the pond:

    G.B.: “I think that you will see no more berries in the winter and no leaves.”
    D.K.: “I think next time you go to the pond, the water will be all frozen from the snow because I think with the snow it is so cold it will freeze stuff.”
    T.B.: “If the leaves fall down from the tree, you can make a leaf pile and jump in it.”
    V.D.: “They will see lots of snow on the trees.”
    M.P.: “I think they’re going to see that the leaves are going to be frosted.”
    R.T.: “Leaves fall down from the tree.”
    C.S.: “When the branches get frost on them, I have a connection. I have a tinkerbell movie with a new land that there is snow everywhere and frost and ice.”
    E.S.: “I think you are going to see some wet ice because ice is made out of water.”

    We are excited to Skype with you tomorrow.

    Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis’ Kindergarten class
    Lorna Jackson Public School
    Woodbridge, Ontario

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