Looking Closely at the Forest

In our class we have read a series of books by Frank Serafini titled Looking Closely. We have gone for walks and looked closely in our schoolyard and by our pond. Today we took a bus to a local forest in our community. The bus ride itself was an event. The comments from the students were priceless.”Hey, this is my street.”  “I see the place I go swimming.” “There is my church!” ” I see the store.” “My aunt lives up here.” I believe we could have driven around our town in the bus all morning and the students would have been delighted.

Prior to our trip, we read a blog post about a grade one class at Blair Elementary in British Coloumbia. We read about the way they used frames to look closely at their trees. We took frames into the forest today and we looked closely.  Here is a story about today’s trip.

If you are a parent reading our post, please take time to view the video with your child and discuss the trip. Ask what they are wondering about after their walk. While you walk with your child, you can compare what you see with what they saw in the forest.


If you are a teacher or a class of students,  we invite you to share what you are looking closely at in your area. What do you see? What does the ground look like in your city or town?



About mrsharrisonlsps

I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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2 Responses to Looking Closely at the Forest

  1. Sarah Frost Hunter says:

    Ms. Harrison’s Kindergarten Class – thank you so much for sharing your October Look Closely Walk – this has inspired me to create a similar book with my grade three class. Thanks!

    • We would love to see the book once your class creates it.
      We used iPhoto, but there are a lot of other ways to create books such as My Story App, Word, iMovie or Pic Collage. We look forward to seeing your book.
      Mrs. Harrison

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