Duct Tape Challenge

Our students embarked on another inquiry, this time about fasteners. We investigated different types of tape and their specific functions. In this inquiry we addressed the following curriculum expectations:
Conducting simple investigations through free exploration, focused exploration, and guided activity, using inquiry skills (questioning, planning, predicting, observing, communicating);
-State problems and pose questions as part of the design process;
-Make predictions and observations throughout the design process;
-Communicate and record results and findings after constructing things either individually or in groups;
-Use problem-solving strategies when experimenting with the skills, materials, processes, and techniques used in visual arts both individually and with others;
We explored, compared, investigated, planned and created objects solely out of Duct Tape.
It was interesting watching the students plan and create an object. Some students created a 2D shape that looked like their drawing, while others were able to create a 3D version of their drawing.
You might want to give this a whirl at home. Grab a roll of Duct Tape, talk, explore and create together as a family. It’s a great task to do on a wintery day.


About mrsharrisonlsps

I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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One Response to Duct Tape Challenge

  1. Jenn Greenham says:

    Again, it was a pleasure to learn along side you and your students. You capture the process frost art to finish, which is so helpful for a teacher like myself who has little primary experience. Looking forward to where the students go next.

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