Inquiry- Amaryllis

We are using an inquiry approach to learning in our Kindergarten classroom. We listen, provide stimuli to generate discussion and then formulate inquiries. We run individual inquiries as well as small group and whole class inquiries. Here is a summary of our latest whole class inquiry.

In November I met with small groups and showed students an Amaryllis bulb and then let them talk about it and discuss wonderings. I never displayed the box that indicated the flower that would eventually bloom. We talked about what it is and what we should do with it.

Here are their initial thoughts:

“It’s wood.”

“It’s a turnip. It’s brown.” M.

“It’s a plant.” B.

“We have to plant it and water it everyday.” C

“There’s some roots on the bottom.” T.

“The skin is coming off and it’s going to be growing soon.” T

“It looks like a ball, it looks like an onion.” A

“It’s small.” A

“I think it’s a baby tree.” K.

“I see green leaves.” H


We planted it and then measured it as it grew. Here are some Pic Collages.





IMG_2319We did discuss the official name of this plant, Amaryllis.

I took the plant home for the two weeks. I documented what happened at home.



The students blamed me for the wilting of the flower. They didn’t believe me when I said it was the cycle of the plant. “Mrs. Harrison, you just didn’t water it.”

We discussed how big the leaves had grown and measured it. The leaves were now 28 cubes tall. We talked about how the plant is now using it’s energy to make the leaves bigger, but the students were still convinced I didn’t water it over the holidays.

We are still going to monitor the growth over the next few months. We have a few wonderings. “I wonder if the leaves will keep growing taller.”
“I wonder if the leaves will turn yellow and orange.” “I wonder if it will flower again.”
Please talk to your child about the inquiry and perhaps you can start your own inquiry at home.

We welcome your comments.


About mrsharrisonlsps

I'm a Kindergarten teacher who is running a Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Discovery Educator Star.
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4 Responses to Inquiry- Amaryllis

  1. “Santa will fly out.” Love it.
    Inquiry is where it’s at! Great post!

  2. Heidi Siwak says:

    This was delightful to read!

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